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7 Essential Parts of a Business Website

Whether you are creating your first business website, or are thinking about revamping your current one, take a look at the 7 essential parts of a Business Website so you don't forget each one of them.

When we are creating a new website, we are so focused on the outcome and the design, that one of these parts might be forgotten. If you want to read more about the different platforms or the different types of websites out there, then check out this blog post: What Type of Website Should a Business Owner Have?

The first thing to think about is who will visit your website and how will you interact with them. Will you be offering a lead magnet, something to download for free? Will you be offering them to subscribe to your newsletter? Or simply a contact form?

1. About us

When visitors come to your website, they want to know who is behind, who created the website, who the people who created the website are, what their mission is, the reason behind the creation of this business website for example.

2. Contact us

Whoever visits your website and is interested in buying your products or services would have to have an easy way to contact you. This could be in a way of a contact form, a chat bot, a telephone number or even an email address. The less clicks the visitor has to make in order to contact you, the better. Make it easy for them to contact you!

3. What you offer (product, service, events)

This part could be a whole page or just a part on your website, but this should be clearly visible and accessible for your website visitor. Show them what you offer, whether it is a product, a service or events you offer. Make it visually appealing and easy to find.

4. Testimonials or social proof

This part is often missed, but it is an important part of a website that will give you some weight and authority in your niche. You could ask your clients for testimonials to add here, or reviews of your products, whatever text you can show that was written by other people who recommend your services or products.

5. Social media links or other links

This part could be any links that will guide your visitors to know more about you, such as your Facebook page, your LinkedIn company page or any other social media link you might be active in. If you have an app, add the links to where they can download your app for example.

6. Privacy link

This is important to have, usually in the footer of your website. Your website visitor need to have this information available in case they want to know how they are being tracked and what the privacy policy entails.

7. Tracking

This part is not visible to the website visitor, but it is an essential part if you want to know how your website is doing overall. Check out this blog post The Importance of Tracking where I talk more in depth about the importance of tracking.

Lead magnet or sign up form

Although this is not necessarily an essential part of a website, it is important to have a way to keep nurturing your audience. People who visit your website might also be interested in receiving your updates. You could have a simple form to capture your leads so you can email them with updates or upcoming events that might interest them.

Now you know the 7 essential parts of a Business Website, so when you create your website you will know how to prepare for it so you don't miss any essential part. If you already have a website, does it contain all these parts?

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