Everything starts with a piece of paper

Are you thinking about starting a business, or you already have one and are not sure what to do next with your website? Perhaps you are not sure what platform to use for your marketing?

everything starts with a piece of paper imageBesides this website, I run a passion project website where I teach online courses on how to make probiotic food. And when I started, I was totally lost in the digital noise! Especially, as a digital marketer, I know I could not just have a website, but I needed to have different ways to reach people. But which methods were best for my audience?

everything starts with a piece of paper imageSo here is what I did:

  • I set some time aside, without any interruptions. An hour is enough when you are focused
  • I closed my laptop and turned off notifications on my phone
  • Clear spaces, clear minds. I had to take some time to clear my desk before I sat down
  • And then I asked myself the following questions: What do I want to achieve with this project and why? What actions do I need to take in order to achieve it? What are the next steps I can easily do myself? And what are the steps I need to delegate?

Find which tasks are worth doing by you, and which ones are best to be delegated

In his book Free to Focus, Michael Hyatt talks about different tasks categories: tasks we like doing, but are not so good at doing, or take too long to do them; tasks we don't like doing, but need to be done; tasks we enjoy doing, but take too long; and tasks we love doing and are good at doing. The first two tasks categories would be best to delegate, and concentrate our efforts on the tasks which we are good at, and can easily do.

So, as the title suggests, everything starts with a piece of paper, and I did just that. I selected the tasks I am good at, and can easily do. I put them on my agenda for me to do. Then I took all the other tasks I need to delegate and put them on a list. I found who I could delegate to, and took action.

This piece of paper made everything seem more clear to me. Suddenly, I did not have a mess in my thoughts, but action steps I could take.

You might have other questions you might want to map out on your paper. Or you might need someone you can talk to and bounce some ideas with. Whatever your strategy, done is better than perfect.

So, go ahead, take that piece of paper and start writing. And above all, take action!

Digitally savvy and culturally rounded, I embrace context quickly, enjoy working with people and adapt easily to different environments and projects. Fluent in English, French, German and Spanish, I help my clients boost their digital performance locally and internationally across cultural, language- and geographic boundaries.
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