How to Navigate a Facebook Business Ad Account

The digital world is ever changing. Especially if you are in the digital marketing world. Facebook is always improving something. In this blog, we will explore an ad account.

If you ran Facebook ads in the past, and took a break from running them, when you got back to your ad account, you might have noticed that a lot has changed! And if it is the first time you create a Facebook Business Ad Account, there are a few things that are important to know before you start creating ads. In this post, I show you how to navigate a Facebook Business Ad Account and how it is structured.

How the Facebook Business Ads Manager is structured

First of all, let's talk about the ads manager's structure. When you go to the Facebook Ads Manager you will notice different tabs. Each tab corresponds to a rectangle on the tree below. The one at the top is Campaigns, here is where you choose the objective of the campaign. Do you need to create awareness? Do you need more clicks on your website? Are you growing your email list on your website? Are you selling something on your website? The most common objectives are Awareness, Website Visits and Conversions.

facebook ad account structure

The next level of the tree is the Ad Set. Here is where you decide who your audience is, and where your audience is physically located. Are you targeting only women? People who are parents? People who like yoga? People who are between the ages 30 and 40? Here is where Facebook Targeting becomes very granular. You can target a lot of different interests, the list is really exhaustive! One thing you should never do is to target everyone, never! That's how you throw money away. Before you choose your audience on the Facebook Ads Manager, have your buyer persona ready: Who is your ideal client? What does she/he like? What is his/her main pain? What do you have to offer that she/he would love to get?

The last level in this tree is the Creative Ad. Here is where you can add your beautiful images, videos or create a slideshow video with different images. Here is where you also write your copy and your CTA (call to action). You can now have different copy on one creative alone. It is always a good idea to test different creatives to see what resonates with your audience.

Should you have a Facebook Pixel installed?

To answer this question, check out my next blog where I talk about what a Facebook Pixel is.


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