Google Data Studio for Your Business

Google Data Studio (now Looker Studio): The Ultimate Data Visualisation Tool for Your Business

So you already have all your tracking installed, you have worked on your website content and campaigns to attract more traffic. But you hardly ever check your stats? You would like to be more data-driven, but the thought of going into analytics and checking your numbers makes you queasy?

That’s where Google Data Studio for your business comes in. In this blog post, I will tell you all about Google Data Studio use, and after reading this, you will want to take a look at your numbers so regularly that you will go from data-averse to data-hooked!

Let’s talk about Google Data Studio: what it is, what we can do with it and how we can use it for our business.

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a powerful data visualisation and reporting tool that can help business owners make data-driven decisions.

This tool allows you to view your Google Analytics reports (stats about visits, most visited pages, etc.), your Google Search Console reports (what are people searching for on Google when they find your website for example), your Google Ads reports (how you acquire users, their behaviour, conversion patterns), and even your social media analytics (paid and organic).

The benefits of using Google Data Studio

  • You can easily connect to a variety of data sources including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Search Console and many more.
  • You can create custom reports and dashboards with pre-defined templates.
  • The tool provides a wide range of built-in charts and graphs that you can use to visualise your data.
  • You can share your reports with team members in a secure manner.
  • The tool offers a wealth of customisation options, so you can tailor the reports to meet your specific needs.
  • You can have all your information in one place and quickly switch between the different data sources to analyse and compare results.
  • You can design your reports with your logo and your brand colours for easier visualisation.

With Data Studio, you can turn your data into informative reports and dashboards that are easy to understand and even easier to share. Here are some examples of the graphs you can see.


google data studio for your business - claudia kramerIn this image you can see a colourful graph that shows the different acquisition channels, which shows where the traffic is coming from. As you can see, on this example, 83.2% comes from Direct traffic. This means, people know the website and they simply type it and find it. The smallest percent is from Affiliates. And a small percentage from paid search, such as Google Ads where the target is usually keywords.


On the second example, we can see the how much of the traffic comes only once, and how much comes more than once. google data studio - new versus returning visitor


The third image shows us the type of device the people use, either a tablet, a mobile phone or a computer.


And on the last image, we can see which pages are more the most popular. All these colourful graphs and more are the type of information you can see on a Google Data Studio report. I find them easier to read and you can adapt the colours to the colours of your brand.



Google Data Studio is a powerful data visualisation tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes. It offers a wide range of features, including the ability to create detailed charts and graphs, and to access data from a variety of sources. Data Studio is easy to use, and it provides users with a wealth of options for customising their graphs and charts. Whether you need to analyse your company's data in order to make decisions about marketing or product strategy, or you just want to see how your team is performing overall, Google Data Studio is an excellent option.

As most of our businesses nowadays require an online presence, we are able to get a sense of how well our business is doing when we track and take a look at our web analytics on a regular basis.

You can make comparisons, show data in a way that is easier to read, analyse and take decisions. You can make it visually attractive, add your brand colours, add explanations, descriptions, look at different dates and make comparisons.

Are you looking for a way to make sense of your data? Do you want to be able to visualise it in an easily digestible way? Google Data Studio for your business can help you with that.

Get a quote for a customised template for your business here.

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