3 tips on how to communicate on social media

Do you ever feel unsure of what to post on social media? If so, you're not alone. When creating content to elevate your online presence, it is really important to keep in mind that every platform has its own philosophy. We usually open Facebook in a different mood from when we open Instagram, wouldn't you agree? We expect different things from each platform. Let's look at 3 tips on how to communicate on social media, so you can get in the right mood next time you create a post.

Meet your potential customers where they are at

Tailoring your content for each social media platform separately is the key to a successful social media presence. Each platform “lives” in an altered environment. This of course does not mean that you change your image for each of those but it means that it presents itself differently. So, what is the mood for most-used social media platforms and what kind of content is expected from each?

3 tips to communicate on social media:

  1. Select only one or two main social media platforms you like and where you think your potential customer might be.
  2. Create content you enjoy, making sure you take into account the mood and the expectations your potential customer might have when reading your content. See some of the most popular platforms below.
  3. Keep an eye on the comments you get to better understand whether your content is well received or if there is anything you need to change.

how to communicate on social media - claudia kramer

"I want to know what's up with family and friends" - Facebook

Facebook is a place where nearly 3 billion people go to catch up with their family and friends on a monthly basis. While Facebook isn't as visually-focused as Instagram, it's still important to use eye-catching visuals to make your posts stand out. Besides that, the timing of your Facebook posts can have a big impact on how well you perform without interrupting the audience. Facebook is still a social platform which lets you engage with your audience coherently. When posting on Facebook, you need to be mindful of not interrupting your audience's experience. You can still post content that is relevant to your business but make sure it doesn't feel out of place.

"I want to get some inspiration" - Instagram

Instagram users are used to seeing visually appealing and inspiring content. The mood on Instagram can vary depending on the user's feed, but in general, it's aspirational, with users often sharing content that represents their ideal lifestyle. The platform also values creativity and originality with users sharing their own content and engaging with others through likes, comments, and shares. Make sure your Instagram content aligns with the general expectations of over 2 billion monthly users and you'll see better engagement.

"I want to know what's new in the job market" - LinkedIn

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is focused primarily on professional development and career growth, making it a great platform for individuals and businesses who want to connect with others in their industry and promote their products or services in a professional setting. Your content here should reflect that. You can become a thought leader to over 875 million people by sharing valuable insights, case studies, and thought leadership pieces.  The posts need to be informative and educational. It’s important to maintain a professional tone in your posts.

"I want to be entertained... quick!" - TikTok

The mood on TikTok is fun, creative, and fast-paced. Users expect to see short, dynamic videos that grab their attention within seconds. The content on TikTok should be visually engaging and feature trending music, dances, and challenges. It is popular among younger generations, but not only, where humour and relatability are very important. TikTok is a great platform for businesses looking to showcase their personality, share behind-the-scenes footage, or create how-to videos.

"I am looking for visual inspiration" - Pinterest

On the other hand, Pinterest is all about inspiration and aspiration for its 433 million users. It's a great platform for businesses that want to showcase their work and for individuals who want to curate collections of visuals and ideas that they find inspiring. By creating high- quality appealing content and using keywords to top up posts, you can attract a wide audience. With the grid-like look that Pinterest offers, the first glance of the post, or pin in this case, does the trick in the long run. The platform's mood and overall atmosphere are intended to create a relaxing and enjoyable browsing experience, and catchy well-designed images and videos are what work best on this platform.

"I want to learn something new" or "I want to be entertained" - YouTube

YouTube is a tricky one to categorise. The reason we usually go to YouTube might vary. You might be learning something new, finding a solution to a problem or just wanting to be entertained. YouTube allows you to reach an audience of more than 2 billion people in a cost-effective way since you can create and upload videos for free. It serves as the ultimate video platform with content that provides value, education and/or entertainment. The diverse audience on YouTube gives this platform vast opportunities for businesses and creators to reach a wide range of people. Known for being a hub of entertainment content, from music videos and movie trailers to comedy skits and viral challenges, there are also tutorials, educational content and product reviews that can suit each business and individual for a more successful online positioning. Lately, short vertical videos are the popular form of content on this platform.


Although I don't believe you have to be everywhere on social media, I think we need to carefully select the platform where our potential customers are and meet them exactly where they are at. It is equally important to do this when we run ads, we need to remember that we might be interrupting someone on Facebook, for example, who just wanted to see the pictures of her nephews.


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